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Bed bugs   

There is no question that there has been a continual increase of bed bug infestations throughout the United States. As widespread as bed bugs are, many Americans have a lack of knowledge of bed bugs and their behavior. In fact, there are many frequently asked questions regarding bed bugs. A few of the more common questions include the following:

Why are bed bugs difficult to eradicate?

One of the reasons for the difficulty of controlling bed bugs is their elusive behavior. They have the ability to hide in the tiniest, out of the way spots. The bed bug can also live several months without any source of food. It takes a vigilant effort with constant inspections and treatments to totally eradicate this tenacious bug.

Can I get sick from bed bug bites?

While this is a very common question about bed bugs, the answer is no. Bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases to humans. They are not carriers of bacteria, viruses, or other things harmful to people. The only negative physical affect from bed bugs is that, while the bite is not even noticed by most, it produces an itchy, red welt. This effect from bed bug bites varies from person to person depending on their own sensitivity. It should also be noted that continual scratching of the bite could possibly cause an infection.

What do bed bugs look like?

An adult bed bug is brown with a rather flat, oval shape and is about the size of an apple seed. The head is very small in comparison to the body. After a blood meal, the adult bed bug becomes puffed up and rounded rather than flat and changes to more of a red color than brown. Newly hatched bed bugs (nymphs) are very tiny and cream colored and much more difficult to see. The eggs of bed bugs are almost impossible to see with the naked, untrained eye.

How will I know if I have bed bugs?

There are various signs that show bed bugs may have hitchhiked their way into your home. The small, red bites on your body are one red flag that bugs are present. Other things to look for are small brown fecal or blood spots on bedding. There may also be small blood smears on bed clothing. When looking for bed bugs, the adults are often seen in the folds and edging of the mattress.

Why does there seem to be an increase in bed bug infestations?

While this is not an exclusive answer, there are two factors that have contributed to bed bug sightings being more common. One is the increased international travel and immigration. Bed bugs are professional hitchhikers and travel makes it easy for them to be spread to other locations. The other problem is a lack of knowledge of the behavior of bed bugs and how to inspect and search for their presence in motels and other places frequently visited.

Still have questions about bed bugs. Give us a call, we’d be happy to talk about these biting pests with you. And if you’re seeing signs of bed bugs, we’re ready to help with highly effective bed bug treatments in D.C., Maryland and NOVA.


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