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There are few worse feelings than throwing out a pantry full of food because a mouse decided to chew through a few paper bags and cardboard boxes of food. Then if you happen to bring home some Indian meal moths from the grocery store, everything else in the cabinet is vulnerable to infestation. 

Simple, and Pinterest-worthy, storage solutions are your best defense against occasional pantry pest invaders.

Here are some that we love for the practical use as an organizational tool in addition to being a pest control weapon:

Store ‘n Pour Dry Food Dispensers 
Store 'n Pour


These containers’ hard, clear plastic with tightly sealing caps showcase some of the best features to search for in a storage bin designed for food. The hard plastic will be difficult for rodents to chew through should a pesky critter enter your pantry.  The tightly sealed lids and see-through nature of the boxes will make noticing pantry pests a breeze. Sometimes moths or beetles get in cereal or other grains in transit from factory to grocery store to your home. When this happens, it can be tough to spot the source since most cereal boxes are not transparent. You can see them and quickly solve the problem with this container!

Hermetic Glass Storage Jars
Hermetic Glass Storage Jars


These jars are versatile in that they can be stored at a variety of temperatures, are clear, and have airtight seals. Glass is even more difficult for rodents to spoil and the jar’s transparency will make seeing pantry pests a breeze. There is a reason these jars are so trendy on Pinterest!

Honey Jar & Dipper
Honey Jar

Ants and flies love sweet stuff to get into in the kitchen. This Honey Jar & Dipper is designed to limit drips and keep the honey where it belongs- in the glass carafe, away from the counter to draw ants. It doesn’t hurt that the design is decorative enough to add a nice touch to any kitchen.

Check out our Pinterest page for more trendy and useful tips to keep your home safe from pests. We found all of the aforementioned containers at the Container Store.


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