Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen And Ants In The House


It’s official!  Ants are back.  We have been hearing from property owners in Columbia and throughout Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia concerned about the presence of ants and ant trails leading indoors.  As a longtime Maryland pest control company, we understand that the warm summer months not only means bike rides, days by the pool and blooming gardens, it also means sightings of ants in the kitchen and in other parts of the house.   The culprit is most often odorous house ants and they are on a foraging mission.  If you haven’t yet noticed any signs of these annoying insects in your home this summer, American Pest would like to offer you a few tips to help ensure an ant free summer.  The key is to getting rid of ants in the house is to make your home less attractive to these unwelcomed guests before they arrive.  You can accomplish this by:

  • Cleaning up stray crumbs and spills immediately, pay close attention to under refrigerators, toasters and stove burners

  • Keeping food in tightly-sealed storage containers

  • Closing gaps in baseboards and around exterior doors and windows with caulking and wood shims

  • Getting rid of standing water, especially under sinks and in the basement-if ants can’t find water they can’t drink

  • Emptying trash daily and keeping it in sealed containers

  • Keeping pet food dishes cleaned and picked up during the overnight

If after all of your efforts to keep this nuisance pest out of your kitchen fail and odorous house ants are still coming inside, contact American Pest.  Our Preferred Care home pest control services will not only help you get rid of ants, our service can keep your home free from many other household pests all year long.         


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