Guide to Avoiding Ticks This Spring


technician performing mosquito and tick treatment

There is something so peaceful about getting out during this time of the year. Spending time in the garden getting it ready for a summer full of blooming flowers, taking long walks with a favorite furry friend, or just a simple barbecue in the backyard with your family are some of the best parts of springtime. As wonderful as it is to get out and enjoy warm temperatures and green grass, this time of the year is also the time when ticks are flourishing.

Just the word ‘tick’ is enough for most of us to instantly feel like something is crawling across our legs. The thing is, with these sneaky bugs, you probably wouldn’t have any idea that they were hitching a ride unless you were searching for them. Ticks can be a dangerous pest to find yourself saddled with. When a tick bites either a pet or a person, you run the risk of contracting several different diseases that are serious issues for both you and your furry friends. Colorado tick fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and, of course, Lyme disease are just a few of the diseases ticks can carry.

How To Avoid Ticks

The good news is that people can do their part to keep pets and family members safe from ticks. Make sure pets are protected with flea and tick preventative measures recommended by your veterinarian. When spending time in the woods, gardens, or parks, make sure to cover as much skin as possible. Wearing long pants and shirts as well as sneakers and socks can help keep ticks away.

Checking for Ticks

Then, when you return, check both pets and the family carefully for any ticks that might be hiding in the clothing or on the skin. Getting to them quickly is key to not giving ticks the time to bite. Due to a relatively mild winter, the tick population is expected to be much heavier than usual this year. It is essential that people take even more care while inspecting themselves and their pets after spending time outdoors. If you do discover a tick has latched on, make sure that you are properly removing it. If done incorrectly the head could stay embedded and cause more problems. 

How Can American Pest Help?

American Pest can help drastically reduce the tick population on your property. Our experts will complete an inspection of your property to determine any high-risk areas and perform a mosquito and tick treatment that will reduce the populations of these dangerous pests. Start enjoying your property again with help from American Pest.


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