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Okay. You've found bed bugs. Now, what do you do? Well, there are a lot of things you can do. But, the bigger question is, should you do them? Here are some common tips you'll get from friends, relatives, or the internet. You can decide if they are right for you.

Get rid of those mattresses: When bed bugs become noticeable, your first reaction may be to throw out all your mattresses, or, at least, the one that seems to be infested. This hardly ever solves a bed bug problem, though, because bed bugs don't just live in mattresses. They can live in your upholstered furniture, in baseboards, under the edge of your carpets, inside your outlets, and in many electronic devices.

Mattress encasements: If you bring up the topic of bed bugs to someone you know, they may suggest mattress encasements for all your mattresses. This is a great idea, for the most part. It will definitely work to keep any bed bugs that are in your mattress from getting out to feed. And, those encasements will work to keep new bed bugs from getting in. But, as stated above, bed bugs don't just live in mattresses. They can be anywhere in your home.

Bed bug traps: In your search for answers you may come across a DIY page that shows you how to make a bed bug trap. These traps work on the premise that bed bugs are attracted to CO2. When bed bugs are lured into the trap by CO2, they are killed. The problem with these traps, whether you buy them commercially or make one yourself, is that they only work partially, if at all. Though it is true that bed bugs are attracted to CO2, there are many more factors that lead them to a blood meal. These traps may catch some bed bugs, but you'll still have bed bugs in your home, and you will still get bit.

A thorough cleaning: You might be told that vacuuming your entire house and washing all your bedding on the hottest temperature is the way to get rid of these bugs. Though it is true that the practice can help to reduce bed bugs, they do nothing to kill bed bugs living in your walls, electronics, or furniture.

Heat your house to 120 degrees: You may learn that heating your home is a good way to kill bed bugs. This is absolutely true. But, at best, those bugs will flee into your walls and come back when the heat is gone. At worst, doing a heat treatment can burn your home to the ground, if not done properly.

Professional treatment: When you find bed bugs, immediately contact a professional who employs K9 bed bug detectors, to isolate and target areas of infestation, so those bed bugs don't get away from the heat treatment. Choose a professional who has advanced thermal remediation equipment with heat sensors that regulate temperatures throughout your home during the heat treatment. At American Pest, we have the experience needed to make sure your Montgomery County home, your belongings, and your family, are safe through the entire process. And we'll make sure those bed bugs are completely gone.

You decide what is best for you.



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