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Bed bugs   

Some pest problems are easier to solve than others. Sometimes as a homeowner you may be able to take care of a very small nuisance pest problem on your own, but even then we still recommend that it is always best to consult a professional. However, some pests absolutely require the help of a professional to successfully eliminate them from your home! One type of pest that you should never ever try to get rid of on your own is the bed bug. At American Pest Control we want to help you understand why bed bug removal is something that only professionals should tackle.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to control. While adults are big enough to be visible to the human eye they are good at hiding in small cracks and crevices throughout your house making themselves seeming almost invisible. They are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night while you are sleeping. Also, contrary to what most people believe bed bugs bites don’t always cause a reaction in people and if a reaction does occur the bite looks very similar to other types of bug bites. Bed bugs are also difficult to control because they do not just remain in one area of your home, like in your bed. The fact is that bed bugs are very good at traveling through walls, pipes and flooring, allowing them to infest your whole home or in the case of apartment complexes multiple units in the building.

Now if you are a person with a million do it yourself pins on pinterest we warn you bed bugs are not a DIY kind of pest! Not only is DIY pest control ineffective it has the potential to expose you and your family to harmful toxins. Bed bug removal performed on your own has before and still can lead to fires, chemical burns and other types of exposure to harmful chemicals. The key to an effective bed bug treatment is to ensure that bed bugs are completely eliminated (and here’s the important part) no matter what life stage they may be in. One of the best ways to treat bed bugs is by using heat. Heat treatment or thermal remediation works by using mobile heating units in your home. These specialized heaters will safely raise the air temperature of your home to a specific degree for a certain amount of time. Using heat to kill bed bugs is environmentally friendly, non-invasive, fast, and very effective.

At American Pest Control, we understand how stressful having a bed bug or any other type of pest infestation can be. Don’t panic and try to take care of the situation yourself. Call our experts and give yourself peace of mind that your pest infestation will be taken care of quickly, effectively and most importantly, safely!


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