How DC-Area Residents Can Prepare Their Properties Against Mosquitoes This Summer


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When protecting your DC lawn from mosquito infestations, it is important to understand what attracts mosquitoes to your lawn. Mosquitoes don't roam around your neighborhood and bite you as they pass through your yard. They take root in your yard, hide in your vegetation and wait to bite you. The more you do to make your yard less attractive, the fewer mosquito bites you're going to get. Let's take a closer look at this link between attractants and mosquito populations because understanding attractants will help you prepare your lawn against summer mosquitoes.

The Role Spring Plays

There are many ways spring weather impacts mosquito populations in your yard but one of the most important is the accumulation of rainwater because it creates stagnant pools mosquitoes can use as breeding sites. Many species of mosquito lay their eggs in stagnant water. This allows developing wigglers (larvae) and tumblers (pupae) to get the nourishment they need. If you remove stagnant water before mosquitoes can develop, you can prevent them from becoming adults mosquitoes and reduce your chances of being bitten.

The Role Tap Water Plays

Mosquitoes don't require stagnant water resources to be natural rainwater. They are just as happy to lay their eggs in a puddle created by a leaking hose, spigot or pipe. If you have leaks, it is important to understand the role they can play in attracting mosquitoes to your yard. It is also important to realize that intentional water usage can lure mosquitoes in as well, such as the water of ornamentals, garden vegetables and turfgrass. If stagnant pools are accumulating in your yard and sitting for more than a week, you're going to have issues with mosquitoes. Yes, we did say a week. You don't need to be as concerned about puddles that dry up in a couple of days because it takes longer than a week for a mosquito to go from egg to flying adult.

The Role Vegetation Plays

Do you have plants? If you do, they may increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. Not only do plants require water, they create a perfect location for mosquitoes to hide from the midday sun. It might seem futile to mention this as we're sure you're not going to want to get rid of your plants but you don't have to remove ornamentals, flowers and other plants to reduce mosquitoes. You can use these natural hiding places against mosquitoes. With routine mist treatments from a pest management professional, you can turn those trouble spots into mosquito traps. Any mosquitoes that hide in your vegetation will come in contact with a residual active ingredient that is just powerful enough to eliminate them. Have you heard the old pirate saying, "Dead men tell no tales?" Well, "Dead mosquitoes lay no eggs." That is good news for you and your neighbors.

In Perspective

The secret to preventing mosquito bites isn't simply a removal of attractants, it is understanding how mosquitoes behave. So, how can you use this information to guard your lawn and prevent mosquito bites this summer? We hope you'll take into consideration the powerful impact mosquito control can have. We hope this article has put things into perspective. Here are 5 takeaway points we hope you'll consider:

  • Mosquitoes don't travel far. Some will only travel a few hundred feet in their entire life. When you remove them from your yard, it takes time for new mosquitoes to replace the mosquitoes that were eliminated.
  • Your mosquito control service impacts more than just your yard. When your neighbor's mosquitoes pay you a visit, you can prevent them from returning to your neighbor's yard to lay more eggs.
  • When you go out to enjoy your yard, mosquitoes won't be waiting in your vegetation to immediately swarm you and inflict itchy wounds or transmit harmful pathogens. They're going to have to make the long trip from your neighbor's yard to come over and bite you. That is assuming they sense you at all. The bottom line is you're not going to be swarmed by mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito treatments aren't going to make you, your kids or your pets sick, especially if you have American Pest provide seasonal mosquitoes treatments. The products we use are designed to destroy simple organisms that are unable to process the active ingredient.

If you live in DC, reach out to us. We would love the opportunity to discuss the importance of mosquito protection and walk you through the cutting-edge mosquito control solutions that work to reduce mosquito bites and the threat they present.


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