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The first clue that can help make the distinction between a fruit fly and a gnat is their habitat. Ripening fruits fascinate fruit flies, and therefore it is no surprise to see them flying around such fruits. Females lay their eggs on ripening fruits and vegetables.  

Gnats on the other hand flourish in soils rich in organic material and moisture. So, if you see tiny flies hovering around your plants, it’s most likely a fungus gnat.


When you get a little closer, you can see that adult gnats are 1/8th of an inch in length, fragile, black flies with long legs and antennae. There is a distinct “Y-shaped” pattern on the forewings. Fruit flies are dull tan to brownish yellow or brownish black; and their eyes usually bright red.

DIY Tricks & Tips

There are some simple Do-It-Yourself tips and tricks that you can do to help deter gnats and fruit flies from taking over your home or office. It will simply depend on which flying pest you are dealing with.

Fruit Flies

  1. Throw away any overripe fruit you may have on counters or in fruit baskets. Be sure to check near the floorboards to make sure that no fruit has accidentally fallen and found a home under your cabinets.
  2. Store your fresh fruit in the refrigerator. This will help deter fruit flies from getting to your fruit when it begins to over ripen.


  1. Allow the soil in your plants to completely dry before watering them again. This will decrease the survival rate of the larval stages of gnats.
  2. Place a 1-inch layer of sand on the top of the soil of your plants. This will deter gnats from digging into the soil where they breed and allow you to still water your plants.
  3. Pour some apple cider vinegar into an empty jar, and seal the top with some plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic wrap is securely fixed on the jar. Use a fork or toothpick to create several small holes in the plastic wrap. The smell of the vinegar will attract the gnats, causing them to fly into the jar. Once inside, the gnats will be trapped.

Preventing gnats and fruit flies can be very difficult, especially in homes or offices with a plethora of houseplants.  Should your home become infested with gnats or fruit flies, contact American Pest.  We are committed to improving the quality of life for all of our customers by providing the safest and most effective treatment for the management of pests, which pose a threat to their health, property and food supply.

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