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The winter doldrums are behind you, spring is finally here and you are excitedly planning that summer vacation. Traveling, flying, nice motels and fine cooked meals seems to be on the agenda. Squeeze in a few sightseeing excursions, go on a couple guided tours and then head back home refreshed, rested and ready to step back into the daily routine. Unfortunately, your plane is delayed, causing you to arrive home quite late. You stumble inside, drop your luggage on the floor and quickly crawl into bed, oblivious of the fact that a few hitchhiking bed bugs came home with you.

It is not until the next morning that you notice little itchy red spots on your body and realize that bed bugs have come home with you! Panic sets in as feelings of anger, embarrassment and dread wash over you. This is when you pick up the phone and call American Pest, the leader of bed bug solutions in your area since 1925. Our treatments and applications include bed bug detection dogs and bed bug heat treatment in addition to many other solutions.

Bed bug extermination is very detailed and requires proper preparation to ensure the most effective results. Your American Pest professional will give you step-by-step instructions of the things you need to do prior to treatment.

Bed bugs are very elusive and can hide in the tiniest of places. The following list is essential to the success of your treatment:

  • Move all furniture away from the wall, at least, two feet.

  • Mattresses and box springs must be lifted out of the bed frame and leaned against a wall.

  • All unlaundered items of clothing should be removed from the closet, placed in plastic bags and piled in the center of a room.

  • The contents in dressers and night stands must also be placed in plastic bags and piled in the center of the living room.

  • Books must be taken out of bookcases and boxed up.

  • Pictures, mirrors and other wall hanging items should be taken down for inspection.

  • Launder linens and bedding using the highest allowable heat settings on the washer and dryer. Seal in a new plastic bag.

  • Vacuum floors, area rugs, mattresses, upholstered furniture and bed frame. Use special attachments to vacuum against baseboards and any cracks or crevices. Immediately discard all vacuum bags used in this process.

Here at American Pest, our technicians understand the hardship of this preparatory process but we also know that it is essential to a successful treatment. Our knowledgeable technician will schedule a follow-up treatment, give you post-treatment information and answer all your questions. The second treatment is essential in the event that any tiny eggs survived and hatched. The follow-up treatment will kill any possible survivors and give you peace of mind that your home is once again free of the dreaded bed bugs, thanks to the experts here at American Pest. Don’t let bed bugs cause you to lose any rest, contact the experts here at American Pest!


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