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What is a fall pest? The broadest answer is that fall pests are bugs and animals that get into homes in fall when the temperatures begin to drop. They are also sometimes referred to as overwintering pests. But not all fall pests are overwintering pests. Here are some common pests that will invade your home this fall and what you can do about them.

Wasps, Ladybird Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, And Stink Bugs

These are the common fall pests that are considered overwintering pests. This is because these insects can't live in your home. They only use your home for a shelter from the winter--in the same way they might use a log, tree bark, or a rock. It is important to make sure your exterior walls are sealed and treated before these pests come looking for a place to hide.


These are a disgusting, illness-spreading insect that can get into your home any time of the year. But, when temperatures drop, they have even more reason to come in. Cockroaches are also versatile insects that are able to scale walls, walk across ceilings, and compact their bodies to slip through tight cracks. While this is definitely a fall pest, it isn't an overwintering pest. Cockroaches prefer to live with us, and are able to find everything they need for survival inside our homes. These insects are not easily excluded and are rarely controlled with DIY pest measures. A barrier treatment and advanced Integrated Pest Management methods are necessary.


You are probably aware that mice and rats like to live with us. But, they are also on our fall pest list because they have more incentive to chew their way into our homes when it gets cold. And, like cockroaches, they are not likely to leave once they get in. Keeping them out requires a knowledge of what these creatures are capable of, and continued monitoring of vulnerable areas.


These blood-eating pests, like the cockroach, can get into your home any time of the year. But they become more of an issue when it starts to get cold outside. Fleas need a warm host to get through those cold winter nights. So, they are much more likely to hop on your pet, no matter how disagreeable their skin, fur, or collar may be, due to the control products you administer. Since flea bites can look like other pest bites, such as mites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes, it is important to have a pest controller do a thorough inspection to properly identify what bug is biting you.

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