How to Set a Mouse Trap Like a Pro


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Do-it-yourself mouse traps may not be the perfect long term solution, but for the occasional rodent invader, they are an effective element of pest control. Knowing how to properly set and maintain traps is a vital component to any pest control system.

  1. Get a decent trap. There are a few options to choose from so check out this link to pick the right one for your family’s needs.
  2. Use peanut butter. Cheese is what mice eat in cartoons. 
  3. Check traps daily! If you have a mouse invader, you’ll likely be hoping for a catch every day anyway. But especially if you use humane live traps, they are only cruelty-free when you check them daily. Otherwise, the caught mouse will slowly starve to death and that turns them cruel pretty quickly.
  4. Now that you know the basic steps, follow this instructional video to set your trap and carefully place it strategically in your home.   

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