How You Can Help Prevent The Spread of Zika


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The Zika virus is continuing to spread, unfortunately, no vaccine exists to stop it. Therefore, 1 person preventing the spread of Zika could help all those around them. Learn what small steps you can take to make sure that there isn’t a Zika outbreak near you.

How Is Zika Spread?

To prevent this virus from spreading, it is important to know how it is spread:

  • Mosquito Bites
  • Mother to Fetus, causing Microcephaly
  • Sex
  • Blood Transfusion (Needles)
  • Laboratory and Healthcare Exposure

The majority of people who are infected with Zika get it from mosquitoes when traveling to at-risk areas. Once they are infected and return to an area near you, a mosquito in your area can bite them, and will carry the virus in your area. So, if you know someone who is returning from an area at risk and is showing symptoms, urge them to have a health care professional examine them. Many people don’t realize that Zika is also sexually transmitted. Be extra cautious, make sure to use a condom, and try not to conceive within 6 months of your significant other traveling to a risky area.

Prevent Mosquito Bites

The best way to prevent Zika from spreading is to prevent mosquitoes from biting. So, ensure that you are using the right insect repellent the right way when spending time outdoors. Another way to prevent mosquito bites is to prevent mosquito activity around your home. You can prevent mosquito breeding sites by emptying items that hold water like tire swings, bird baths, or even an upside-down bottle lid. There are many DIY prevention techniques including home repairs, plants, and more

American Pest offers a mosquito and tick control program to assist you in protecting your yard and home from these disease-carrying pests. We will even examine your property for potential breeding sites so you don’t have to. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your home from mosquitoes and many other pests!


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