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Hurricane Season & Pests
Hurricane season is upon us and as we’ve seen in past years, these whirling storms cause devastation and destruction and often have long lasting repercussions well after the storm has subsided.

Buildings are damaged, trees and plants are uprooted, the ground is over saturated with standing water, power goes out, food goes bad, people are pushed from their homes… the list goes on. In times like these, the last thing you want to worry about is pest control but insects and rodents have other plans.

These nasty critters flee their ground burrows, nests, and other outdoor homes seeking shelter when conditions get bad.

Preparing for a hurricane in any way to protect the structure of your home can help the cleanup and repair effort, but a structurally sound home with little to no entry points is your best defense against pests trying to weather the storm in the shelter of your home.

Keep Your Home Protected
High winds, loads of rain and flooding cause damage that creates excellent homes for pests. Be sure to do the following to reduce breeding sites and keep rodents and insects outside where they belong:

  • Fix any cracks or holes around the exterior of your home.
  • Clear away piles of sticks and leaves near your home.
  • Dump out any standing water in various containers outside.
  • Fix screens and make sure windows and doors seal properly.
  • Get rid of rotting food.

Hurricanes, tropical storms and other strong thunderstorms are common from June until November and can cause enough damage on their own without having to deal with a pest infestation on top of it all. In its 87 year history, American Pest has seen its fair share of bad weather in the DC metro area. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff are here to tackle your pest control issues head on with a plan of action to cure at least one headache in the aftermath of a bad storm.


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