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American Pest has just released its first Mad Lib! It's easy to do, if you haven't done one before!


1. Follow the above link and print out the document.

2. Find a family member or friend and ask them to help you complete the Mad Lib. They may not see the Mad Lib and you should not tell them what the topic is.

3. Look through the Mad Lib and find each of the blank spaces. The story will not be complete unless these spaces are filled in! Each blank space tells you what kind of word will fit in the sentence, whether it is a noun, adjective, geographic location, etc. Tell your friend which kind of words the Mad Lib needs and have them pick the words. It should go like this:

You: Mother, the first blank is a noun.

Mother: Okay. How about..."giraffe?"

You: Great! (Fills in "giraffe.")

4. After filling in all of the blanks, tell your friend or family member the title of the Mad Lib and read the entire story out loud. It should go something like this:

"When I got to school, I realized that I had left my giraffe at home. I had to dance all the way back home to get it."

5. Enjoy, laugh and let hilarity ensue! Print out another copy and let another friend complete the Mad Lib!

We hope you enjoy our first Mad Lib and we hope to release more! You can share the results of your Mad Lib with us by sending them to rlevine@americanpest.net or by mailing them to our office.

11820 West Market Place                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fulton, MD 20759

We will share the best ones with our Facebook and Twitter followers! Thanks for completing our Mad Lib!

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