I'll Wait Till Spring To Get Termite Protection



Have you finally come to the conclusion that you need termite protection for your home, but figure you'll probably be safe till spring? We understand. It can seem like a waste to start termite services with the colder temperatures of winter fast approaching. So, is this a good idea? You decide.

"Aren't termites cold-blooded insects?" Yes. That means that they are unable to regulate their body temperature. When the soil gets too cold, they must go deeper into the ground to keep from freezing. For this reason, many people believe that termites are not a danger when it starts to get cold. This is only partly true. Though termites do hide from freezing cold temperatures, not all ground freezes. If you have crawl spaces under your home, those termites will happily feed all winter long. In fact, they will feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all winter long. Termites do not hibernate and they do not sleep. If they have found a place to hide from the elements, they can take root and feed, even in winter.

"Yes. But, termites aren't going to infest my home in winter." This is true. If you don't already have termites when winter comes, it is not likely that you will get termites during the winter. The problem is, you may already have termites, and not know it. These insects can live entirely inside wood and soil for years without detection. Waiting to get termite protection means those termites have another winter to eat away at the support structures of your home.

"Is there a way I can check to see if I have termites already?" There are some things you can look for.

  • Do an inspection around the exterior of your home. If you have wood near your home, examine it for termite activity.

  • Look on basement walls and inside crawl spaces for mud tubes. Subterranean termites create these tubes to protect themselves as they travel in and out of a structure.

  • You can also find mud tubes inside your home. Look in areas that are secluded and moist.

  • Listen to your walls. Termites bang their heads on tunnel walls to communicate. If you are close enough to active termites, you will hear clicking.

You should know that termites are notoriously good at avoiding detection. Our own White House had termites for several years, until swarmers started showing up inside the West Wing. So, although doing a self-inspection is better than no inspection at all, it is better to have a professional do it.

Don't wait to get termite protection. You know that termites in Maryland and Virginia are a danger to your property. Start protecting your home today by calling American Pest Montgomery County. We will thoroughly inspect, safely eliminate, and discreetly protect your home from future infestations. Our service is second to none. Contact American Pest and discover why we are the name Maryland and Virginia trusts for pest control.


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