Identifying A Mouse Problem In Your Home


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Mice, along with overwintering insects are likely searching for a cozy place to spend the winter right now and unfortunately it may be right inside your home.  If you suspect you already have a mouse problem in your home but aren’t completely sure, take a peek at some of the more obvious signs of mouse activity highlighted below. 

So nothing confirms the presence of mice more than actually seeing these small rodents but did you know that if you listen closely you may actually be able to hear these critters roaming in the walls and in the attic overhead?  Scratching and other noises are likely to occur during the evening hours as mice are mainly nocturnal creatures and will generally come out to forage after dusk. 

Mouse droppings are another sure sign of a mouse problem and can be found in areas where mice are foraging for food and where they have set up nesting and breeding sites.  Mouse droppings are often compared to rice measuring about ¼-inch in length.  Black in color they are granular in shape with pointed ends. 

Mice, like other rodents, must continuously gnaw to keep their teeth short and will do so in your home.  Gnaw marks appear different based on their age.  Fresh gnaw marks are rough whereas old gnawing is smoother from wear.  Mice will gnaw on just about anything including electrical wiring, plastics, papers, books, clothing, cardboard boxes, furniture and even on your home’s structure.

Prolific breeders, mice will build their nests in areas that are located in protected areas that are close to food and water including inside walls, in the attic or under flooring, in areas where items are often stored and among boxes or stacked papers as well as behind appliances and within furniture.  They develop their nests out of shredded paper, fibers and other materials that are common in homes including cardboard boxes and insulation. 

Let’s face it, mice have an "ick" factor that cannot be denied but did you realize that a mouse infestation can actually be detrimental if not unaddressed?  Mice when left unchecked are capable of causing severe damage to a home including contaminated insulation and may increase the risk of a fire with their chewing on electrical wirings.  More important they introduce serious diseases and health conditions such as asthma into your home that may threaten the health and well being of your family. 

If you are worried that your home may be experiencing a mouse problem, contact American Pest right away.  We offer effective rodent control in Arlington, Alexandria and Northern Virginia as well as in Maryland and Washington D.C.  We’ll help you resolve any existing infestations and our professional pest control technicians can help you identify conditions that promote mice activity in and around your home.  Give us a call today or complete our online contact form by clicking here.


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