Impact Of Fungus Gnats On Your Maryland Restaurant


Fungus Gnats   

Often mistaken for fruit flies, fungus gnats are arguably more frustrating than their red-eyed cousins. Why? Because fungus gnats like to crawl on things. They aren't very good fliers. For this reason, they can often be found stuck on a wall or crawling across a surface. When that surface happens to be your face, it can be quite annoying. And, if you find it annoying, imagine how your customers will feel. Here are a few more reasons you may not want fungus gnats in your Maryland restaurant.

  • Not only do customers have a problem with gnats crawling on their skin, they will probably not enjoy seeing one in their food. Lots of flies zipping around your kitchen can quickly turn into an unwanted bug in someone's meal.

  • These tiny black flies are notorious for crawling around on anything that has the sharp smell of vinegar. So, it shouldn't surprise you when you reach for a salad dressing and a dozen flies take to the air. Fungus gnats can be extremely frustrating if you have a salad bar, or you prepare sandwiches in front of your customers. While their presence isn't going to taint food, your customers may not know this. Regardless of whether or not these tiny black bugs are capable of spreading harmful bacteria, your customers will probably not be positively impacted by the presence of these flies.

  • Fungus gnats also like coffee. If you serve coffee at your restaurant, these flies may take notice and invite themselves to the table of any coffee drinker.

  • Fungus gnat swarms can demoralize your staff. We don't have to tell you how quickly an unhappy employee can affect your bottom line. Your public image is the lifeblood of your business.

  • If fungus gnats can find an appropriate food source in your kitchen or dining area, they will reproduce rapidly. That means a hand full of flies today can be a swarm of flies in just a few more days.

There are many insects that can cause problems for a restaurant. The best way to protect your brand, your reputation, and your bottom line is to implement a comprehensive pest plan to establish a pest-free environment your customers will want to come back to time and time again.

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