In Like A Lamb And Out Like A Termite?



Have you ever seen a mass of termites swarming? Although a pretty amazing event for the natural world, it is not such a pleasant sight if it happens at your Washington D.C., Maryland or Northern Virginia business or commercial facility. Aside from the millions of dollars in damages that termites cause every year around the country, a swarm of termites can wreak havoc on your brand.

Often confused with flying ants, a termite swarm is the result of the reproductive members of the colony (known as "alates") emerging in a short, lasted effort to find a mate and form a new colony. Appearing by the thousands, termite swarms typically occur in the first sun-drenched days of spring when the ground is damp and soft.

Although alarming, the duration of a termite swarm is relatively short lived. In many instances the swarm will run its course within an hour, or two, leaving behind a mysterious trail of evidence in the form of discarded wings. Since termites make poor fliers, outside they are often picked off by birds and other insects quickly after the swarm begins.

So, what can you do if the termites are swarming?

  1. Try to remain calm. Termites cannot bite or harm you in any way.
  2. Call your local, pest control company for advice. Do not be surprised to hear that you are not alone. When conditions are optimal for termite swarms, it happens quickly and steadily. You might have to wait a day or two before you can receive an on-site inspection. It's just important for you to know that your home or business will not be consumed by these wood destroying insects in two days time! 
  3. Try to locate the area or areas where the swarming termites are emerging and mark them with tape, or whatever you have on hand. This will expedite the inspection process for your pest control company and help to set you on the right track to a treatment solution.
  4. Finally, go ahead and vacuum up the remains of the wings that are probably scattered all over the floor. You can keep vacuuming as they appear--this will not affect the pest control company’s ability to get to the source. But do not try to start tearing apart floor boards or walls as this could have negative affects on any proposed treatment solution.

How can the pest control professionals help?

So, what can you do for your business or commercial property to prevent or eradicate a termite problem? If your business is in Maryland or other service areas of American Pest, contact us right away! We provide one of the most effective termite treatments, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, which does not use any harmful chemicals and is proven to permanently remove termite problems through regular inspections, monitoring, and maintenance on the Sentricon® System. To help prevent future termite swarms, you can be proactive about removing any tree limbs or pieces of wood near your businesses property. Also, try to redirect water near your site since that causes the perfect moist, wood conditions that termites are looking to inhabit. Stay proactive all year before the termites have a chance to make their spring time swarms. Learn more about our commercial termite control for the DC metro area, or simply contact the DC, Maryland, and Virginia pest control experts of American Pest today!


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