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Well, if you were wondering about that very question, here are some things to think about when considering whether or not you need year-round pest control: Are you the type of person that would like to be proactive rather that reactive? In other words, do you want to prevent infestations rather than wait for one to begin? Do you experience pests in your home or yard most of the year? Do you hate creepy crawly insects and rodents with a passion? Do you avoid walking into your attic or basement because of the unwanted pests that may lurk there? Are cobwebs, nests, and damage to your home driving you crazy? Do you want to be free from pests year-round effectively, efficiently, and economically?

If you answered yes to one or any of these questions listed above, then you will want to look into a professional year-round pest control service plan. You will be very glad you did! In addition, proactive pest control is so much more economical than reactive pest control. Controlling pests and preventing the damage and illness they can cause is far more economical than dealing with the damages and illnesses and the costs associated with them along with the expense of the eradication of infestation. What’s the best part of a proactive year-round pest control plan? Your home would be pest free all year long. No more trying to figure out what types of pests are going to invade your property during the next season or getting rid of an infestation to only have them return again later. You won’t have to avoid your basement or attic, or be afraid of what’s lurking in dark corners because your home will be continually pest free. You won’t need to think about pests at all. No more spider bites, or webs. No more dead insect and rodent carcasses or nests. No more odd smells or structural damages due to infestations.

At American Pest you can get effective year-round pest control service with our Preferred Care residential pest control products. Our Preferred Care plan includes year-round coverage for over 30 pests, interior and exterior treatments 6 times a year and our pest free pledge guarantee. Preferred Care Plus includes the same protection found in the Preferred Care plan plus termite monitoring and Preferred Care Complete adds termite elimination. (Some exclusions may apply.) You can end annoying pest infestations that plague your home year after year with one of these American Pest Preferred Care plans; choose the one that best suits the needs of your home and enjoy a pest free life year after year with American Pest!


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