Is Your Property A Mosquito Magnet?


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Mosquitoes are virtually everywhere. Reportedly, the only place that you can go to get away from them is in Antarctica. Which may be a bit of a stretch for relocating your family. It is, however, possible to live with a minimum exposure to mosquitoes without hiding in a bubble or moving to Antarctica.

Do you feel like your home is a magnet for mosquitoes and they are migrating to your property to breed? If so, there may be some simple reasons why and some even more simple ways to cut back on them.

First and foremost, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs is important to slow the population down. Mosquitoes lay eggs in and around water. Even the strains that do not lay their eggs in water lay their eggs near water on the ground or on water plants and wet vegetation. Water is the common denominator. Keeping your yard and property free from standing water will significantly reduce the places that mosquitoes will deposit their eggs. Empty all landscaping water containers every few days to prevent water from being tainted with eggs. Bird baths, tires and flower pots are often overlooked as primary real estate for mosquito eggs. Be sure to walk your property regularly and inspect for any new water collection areas.

Mosquitoes hide during the high temperatures of the summer days. They find a cool refuge in tall grass. By keeping your grass mowed as short as possible you will discourage them from hiding on your property. Any cracks or holes in insect screens in your windows or doors is an open invitation for them to find refuge from the heat in your home. Inspect and repair or replace all damaged insect screens. Check around windows and doors and all openings for cracked or damaged weatherstripping or caulking. These small open areas are also a revolving door for mosquitoes. Repair or replace any compromised areas.

Keeping mosquitoes out of your home and off your property is an immense task. Removing all things that make your property attractive to them and fixing all compromised places that they can enter your home is a step in the right direction to declining the amount of mosquitoes that are driving you and your family crazy. Some properties can not be free from water or other things that attract mosquitoes. Sometimes,  no matter how much preventative measures we try to take, mosquitoes may still find a way to make our property their stomping ground. If this seems to be you and your property, scheduling mosquito control service will help you in the battle for your property. Keep your property as family friendly as possible and give the Montgomery County pest control pros at American Pest a call!


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