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The long, arduous task of surviving the harsh winter has certainly taken its toll on residents of Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. The thought of spring activities and preparing for warmer weather has been far from our minds. Now, Mr. Groundhog has predicted an additional extension of winter weather conditions.

To redeem the time during this long winter season consider tackling those indoor cleaning projects to help with the prevention of spring pest invasions. Common household pests can quickly get out of control once they come marching into your house. No one likes bugs in the home spreading germs, contaminating food, and damaging property. The thought of carpenter ants, spiders, silverfish and cockroaches making their way into your living quarters is quite disturbing. Once the home or business becomes infested with these spring pests, you will need the services of pest control professionals.

Indulging in indoor cleaning projects will not only freshen the home and give you that satisfied feeling that only comes from spring cleaning, but will also help prevent an infestation of pests that are notorious for invading homes and businesses in the spring time. The best place to begin is with a thorough cleaning of your kitchen; the space under the stove, refrigerator and sink are ideal sources of food for insects, bugs and mice. It is so easy to miss crumbs and spills in those hard to get to places. Take the time to pull out your appliances and scrub those areas otherwise impossible to reach. Don’t forget your cupboards and kitchen pantry. Use sealed containers and wipe up any crumbs that may have gone unnoticed.

Take the time to do a thorough inspection of your windows and screens. Check for any holes in the screen, remembering that it doesn’t take much of an opening to allow bugs to gain entrance. Another area to check is under sinks and in basements, looking for leaks or excess moisture. A water source will attract a wide variety of insects and pests.

As you march through your indoor spring cleaning projects, be on the lookout for any potential points of entry. You will also want to watch for any signs of insects that may already be in your home. If you are searching for Maryland pest control, DC pest control, or for pest services in Northern Virginia, American Pest is the ideal choice for your home pest control! Contact American pest and inquire about our Preferred Care programs. Our Pest Free Pledge to you is if pests return so do we.



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