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Keeping ants away from kitchens and bathrooms is a challenge many Maryland homeowners face each spring. But how do we deal with big ant problems when we least expect them? All ants need food, moisture and shelter to survive. This year, an increase in rainfall throughout the MidAtlantic region has allowed exterior ant nests to thrive bountifully, making their appearance indoors more prevalent. Flooding in low lying areas has also led to an abundance of ant problems inside, as entire colonies will up and move indoors to avoid heavy rainfall.

Types of Ants in Homes this Fall

There are several types of ants known to raid the cabinets and seek moisture from bathroom sinks and shower stalls. But two ant species are more commonly found in homes and businesses than others:

1.       Odorous house ants

These little black ants, sometimes called sugar ants, are the number one home invader. They typically build their nests outdoors under pavers, patio stones and in damp, shady locations in the soil. Indoors, they typically are found in the kitchen or bath, scavenging for food and moisture. Nests can also be found in wall voids, making them particularly difficult to get rid of.

2.       Carpenter ants

These large black ants are destructive. They will make their nests by tunneling through wood that has been previously damaged by water. Carpenter ants are also nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active at night. Seeing a few carpenter ants indoors during the day can signify that you have a moisture problem in addition to an ant problem.

How to Keep Ants Away?

The key to keeping ants away is by locating and treating the nest. Through vigilant observation, ants will lead you directly to their home. Although Odorous house ants are small, they make up for this shortage in colony size. A typical Odorous house ant colony will house upwards of 10,000 ants. Inside your home, you will only see a slight percentage of the total ants in a nest. These are the worker ants, who fulfill their life’s purpose by fueling the colony with food and moisture. They will feed on any food residue but are particularly fond of sweets.

Getting rid of carpenter ants takes a similar approach. However, due to their cryptic nature, it may be more challenging for a homeowner to locate and treat the nest.

When to Call an Ant Control Professional?

If you are having ant problems this fall and are unable to locate the nest, it’s time to call in a pest control professional. We can help you to locate the nest, terminate the problem and keep ants away from your home. Most ant control plans start for as little as $49 per month. Contact American Pest to learn more about ant control services in your area.


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