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One expects to find mice moving inside the home in the fall and early winter as they begin looking for a more comfortable habitation. After all, no one likes to sleep outside in the wintertime. But finally, spring has sprung and we have even marched into the summer months. You might think you will now have a reprieve from those pesky, smelly mice. Guess again!

The reality is that mice, like most other household pests, are in search of food, water, and shelter. This alone makes these nasty rodents a year-round pest. Just think about it for one minute. Would you leave a warm bed, plenty of food, and water just to relocate and not even know if your next place is as nice and inviting as what you currently have? After all, why take the risk of going outside only to get picked on by the natural predators that are just waiting for a chance to pounce on you?

Mice enjoy many of the things people enjoy; hence, the infestation of mice in the home. You wish your home was free of mice and yet, without knowing it, you are feeding them and encouraging their habitation. It only takes a crumb or two to sustain a mouse for quite a long time. The tiny drip of water under the sink is more than enough to satisfy their moisture needs. Not only that, but most pantries are a haven for mice with so many boxes and packages of food available.

Rodents not only make a mess and chew into your box of cereal, but they are also known carriers of a plethora of serious diseases. Mice can even bring fleas and ticks in the house with them. Once they gain entrance, rodents will stay in the home as long as conditions are right…plenty of food and water.

Mice are a naturally elusive, shy, and fast moving pest and not easy to eradicate. This is when contacting American Pest is your best choice of action. Our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property, identify the easy points of entry, and customize a rodent control plan to ensure a quick solution to your mouse problems. You can be assured that every product we use has been tested and approved by the EPA for pest control. Our technicians follow very strict guidelines that will ensure the safety of you, your family, and your pets.

Rodents are tenacious and will do everything they can to gain entry to your home. Let American Pest help you identify all cracks, holes, and other points of entry. Repair all openings to reduce the risk of future infestations. Keep pantry food stored in mouse proof containers. Wipe up all spills and food crumbs on a daily basis and enjoy your mouse free home.


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