Keep Spiders Away From Your Final Barbecues Of The Season



Spiders- Ewww! Just the thought of them can send that creepy feeling down anyone’s spine. No one wants them to show up anywhere–ever, especially at their family picnic or barbecue. To help keep your picnic full of fun here are some tips to keep those creepy spiders away from your property and your dinner guests.

The best way to prevent spiders from entering your home is to eliminate areas where they can hide out. Spiders like dark, secluded areas where they can set up a web and catch their prey. If you work to eliminate these areas in your home, spiders will not be interested in hiding out there. Make sure to clean your house regularly, especially the attic, basement, and areas that do not get as much regular traffic. Keeping these areas clean will help to keep spiders out!

Doors and windows are another spider super-highway. You must make sure that all windows and doors are sealed up tight. Check all of the screens in windows for rips and holes. Make sure they are fixed and sealed tight. Also, be sure that the weather stripping around your doors are not torn and fit tightly. Putting up these road-blocks will shut this super-highway down for good.

You will also want to reduce the amount of moisture in your home. Spiders are attracted to moist areas. Make sure to fix any leaky pipes as soon as possible. Air conditioning units are another frequent source of moisture issues. Be sure they are in good working order and repair any leaks you may find right away. Inspect under sinks and around the base of toilets for signs of leakage also. By inspecting these areas and fixing any moisture issues promptly you can reduce or eliminate the attraction that spiders have for your home; and remember keep moisture at bay to keep spiders away.

If after all your best efforts you find those creepy little crawlers are still penetrating your defenses, it is time to contact a professional. If you need help keeping the spiders away give American Pest a call. Whether you find that you already have spiders in your home, or you would like help preventing them from entering, we are here to help. We will work with you to set up a pest control plan that works for you.


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