Keep Stinging Insects Away


Stinging Insects   

Yellow Jackets

There are quite a few DIY remedies to execute in and around your DC home or business to reduce the population of Yellow Jackets.  The first and most executed is the use of DIY (do it yourself) remedies.  If for any reason that method is not preferred there are wasp traps that are baited with the sweet aromas (ripe and rotten fruit) that they are attracted to.  Another way to reduce the instances of a possible sting threat during your next outdoor gathering is to minimize:

  • The presence of unattended soda cans
  • dispose properly of beverage containers and food scraps into tightly sealed trash cans
  • Properly cover serving dishes

Paper wasps

Although we recommend leaving stinging insect threats to the professionals, if you plan to do-it-yourself, consider wearing the following personal protective equipment:

  • Heavy-weight gloves (preferably to the elbow)
  • Hat
  • Eye protection
  • Long-sleeved shirt with a collar
  • Long pants

It is suggested to begin with the use of an aerosol pesticide product specifically labeled for use on Wasps.  For best results, the nest should be knocked down following the pesticide. In some cases, the green approach would be just to knock down the nest, although it does allow for the potential to rebuild but most likely not in the same area.



In many instances, honeybees can be removed without causing harm to the colony simply by contacting a local beekeeper. These professionals exhibit the skills and eco-friendly attitude that is necessary for removing the hive safely and effectively.

Now you can consider yourselves experts on the ability to distinguish between bees and wasps!  Keep in mind it is not safe to provoke any of these insects and that some of us are allergic to the venomous stings! Be careful, stay safe, and most importantly continue to have fun.  We can coexist with bees and wasps!



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