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Bed bugs   

Is heat really the best way to kill bed bugs? Yes--if you know what you're doing. But too often, the frustrated and distraught victims of these blood-eating pests take matters into their own hands, and the results are devastating. Homes and apartment complexes are burnt to the ground, belongings destroyed, and lives can be lost. If you need bed bugs eradicated in your home, heat is the right option. But, here are 4 ways a professional will do it safely and effectively.

  1. Killing bed bugs requires a sustained temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This cannot be achieved by turning your oven on and opening the door. Nor can it be accomplished by turning the thermostat up in your home. Heaters must be placed strategically throughout a home to reach every area with a regulated level of heat. This can be extremely dangerous if the right gear is not used. At American Pest, we use heaters that are self-regulating to maintain a constant temperature. We also use strategically placed heat sensors that allow us to get the heat everywhere it needs to be.

  2. Heaters cannot accomplish the job on their own. Large, commercial fans must be used to circulate heat through the entire structure. If utilized improperly, these fans can damage the belongings in your home and push items near the heaters and start a fire. A professional will make sure this doesn't happen.

  3. Although the penetrating effect of heat will get deep into your walls and kill bed bugs in your furniture and mattresses--saving you from having to replace those items--it can cause problems if sensitive items are not removed from your home. Our technicians know what items can melt, explode, or be destroyed by heat. They will guide you step by step through the process of making sure those items are removed before the heat is turned on.

  4. Bed bugs can escape the heat. If a heat treatment is done improperly, those bugs will find a place to hide and come back to bite you later. At American Pest, we employ bed bug sniffing dogs that are trained to locate infested areas. This allows us to target those spots, and also corral bugs so they can't escape. Knowing when and how to apply pesticides, if needed, is also something only someone with specialized knowledge can do.

If you need bed bugs removed from your home, heat is the right solution; but let the educated professionals here at American Pest take care of that heat treatment for you. Our technicians have the education and training needed to fully eradicate these bugs, while safeguarding your family, your home, and your belongings; and that is a solution you can live with.


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