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Clover mites!

If you have spotted these little guys around your home don’t be alarmed! 

Clover mites are tiny red bugs that resemble a pinpoint in size.  These pests are considered mites and not insects.  They show in their largest numbers during the spring and are also present in the summer and fall months.  Clover mites can be found on the exterior of your residence on shingles, siding, and brick.  They can also be found along side of the sunny portions of office buildings.  Using their small size as an advantage, they can make their way into your homes through any source of cracks or tiny openings.  How do they possibly get IN your home?  Well, clover mites feed on well-fertilized grasses, clovers, and weeds which are typically found in your very own front and or back yard space.  They travel from the ground and onto or inside your home or office building with the help of convenient openings.  Once inside, the mites tend to congregate on or around windows, doors, and wall areas.  Although they may be a nuisance to your household or work space, we suggest you don’t try to kill the bugs.  Clover mites are infamous for leaving a red stain when smashed on surfaces such as furniture, woodwork, or walls.  Also keep in mind that these little creatures are not at all harmful for they are incapable of biting or stinging. 

What can you do to get rid of these pests?

Unfortunately, do it yourself methods are commonly unsuccessful and non-beneficial.  Here at American Pest, we have trained technicians that will personally work with you in order to come up with the best solution to your pest problem.  Treatments are usually concentrated on the outside of the home to prevent the mites from going inside.  If you come across clover mites, just remember it’s okay!  It’s just time to get rid of them in an efficient and effective manner.  For more information on clover mites and what American Pest can do to assist you please visit Clover Mites.


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