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Spring is just around the corner and if you are living in Arlington or Annapolis, Virginia as well as throughout Maryland, you may start to notice some bugs waking from a long winter’s nap. As the weather starts to warm up, it is time for bugs to leave their hiding places so they can get outside and enjoy the spring and summer months. Now when this happens in nature, there is no affect to us, but what happens if stink bugs decided to take their winter nap in your home? They will be sure to make an appearance, which can leave you with a major bug problem this spring. The pest control experts at American Pest have the scoop on all the bugs that may have wintered in your home: stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs.

Stink bugs

Known for their triangular shaped shield on their back, stink bugs in Maryland are one of the pests to watch out for come springtime. These guys can slip in through small cracks near your front door, windows or even though vents. They usually come inside on a search for plants or fruit to feed on, but last fall when the weather got cold, they may have been seeking winter shelter. So now that the days are brighter and warmer, they are going to wake up and start their search for food once again. Stink bugs pose no threat to your health however the problem is that if you spot them and try to remove them via vacuum or bottom of a shoe, they leave behind a foul scent.


Sometimes we enjoy seeing a ladybug for good luck, but they are not such good luck when they have decided to spend the winter in our homes. Ladybird beetle is the proper term given to these bugs, but we tend to leave it at ladybugs. The problem with a ladybug infestation is that they cluster, so there’s generally not just one, but dozens. Many times they have found their way into your home just like the stink bug on a search for a warm place to spend the winter. But now that the temperature is starting to rise, the ladybugs are preparing to move back outside to spend the spring and summer. Ladybugs do not pose a threat to humans however they do release a strong scent as a defense to ward of other creatures and they can be toxic to some animals.

Box elder bugs

As their name suggests, box elder bugs favor feeding on box elder trees. So if your property or even your neighborhood has box elder trees or maple or ash trees, you may notice an infestation of these guys during the cold months of the year. Box elder bugs have black bodies with red rimmed wings. They will come inside to stay warm through the winter weather, but you may even notice them on a sunny, winter day coming out of their hiding spots to soak in some sunlight. They do not pose any threats to humans and although they can bite, this would only leave a small irritation.  

For most of the bugs that start to show their faces when the spring arrives, they are likely on their way out to enjoy the spring and summer months. It is still a good idea to contact our MD exterminators when you have spotted a pest infestation of any type, although these pests are not harmful, many pests do pose health risks and can cause damage to your home. If you would like more information on any insects you may see scurrying across your living room as spring approaches, contact our Maryland pest control experts today to learn how we can keep your Maryland and Virginia home pest free.


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