Maryland's Number One Pest


Guess who’s back again? Maryland’s number one pest: Ants. Although it is difficult to prevent ants from invading your home without the help of professionals, if you follow these useful steps and procedures you can limit your issues.
Why Me?

Don’t take it personally when these ants enter your home. Just like us, ants need to provide for their family. The only difference is they have to provide for hundreds of thousands of other ants in their colony. Foraging ants only count for about 10% or less of a whole colony of ants but are essential to a colony’s survival. When these ants find their way into your home after traveling long distances in search for food, a scent trail is produced back to the colony so other ants can find their way and contribute. This is where you begin to realize you have an ant problem.

What can I do?

Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen can help diminish ant issues, but without proper preparations, nothing is standing in the way of an ant colony on a long journey for food. Many people attempt to solve ant issues by themselves, but without eliminating the colony no ant problem will be truly solved. The issue with “do-it-yourself” methods is that they are generally unsuccessful to begin with. Over-the-counter products that are meant for consumer purchase often are not suited for appropriate control of ant colonies because they are not customized for specific ant species. Not everything on the internet is true. As useful as Pinterest can be; it is certainly not fool proof when it comes to pest control advice. The best thing to be done is to locate where these ants are coming from. Follow the ants from the inside of your home to any points on the walls, window sills, etc. This will help you focus where to try your do-it-yourself methods of destroying the colony.

Is it safe?

Keep in mind, pest professionals are trained to seek out foraging ant trails around properties. We have the right tools and knowledge to get the job done in a safe manner so that you are never put in danger of having to handle pest control materials without proper training. Often when an American Pest representative comes to your house, they are able to eliminate the need for treatment inside your home. American Pest puts the safety and health of your family and property first.

How do I keep ants away from my home in the future?

It is very difficult to keep ants from the interior of your home forever but simple steps can be completed to limit any future issues. Keeping your home sealed up tight and limiting some factors in your kitchen or bathroom may help.  Another simple step is to let us take care of the ants for you. Our highly trained technicians will discuss the best method of eradication with you and set to work. Then our Pest Free Pledge will keep your home protected in between regularly scheduled visits.


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