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Your backyard is the best spot in town this summer. It has so much potential. You can have backyard BBQs; you can enjoy cool, refreshing iced tea in your lounge chair at sunset; and you can splash in the pool. When the sun is out, you have so many excuses for being outside; but when you want to be outside, so do mosquitoes. Enjoy your backyard more with mosquito control.

Why Mosquitoes Crash Your Party

Mosquitoes are the visitors that no one wanted to invite to the party, but they showed up anyway. Regardless of the time of day, if you are outside, mosquitoes aren’t far behind.

Mosquitoes are at your backyard party to feast, and they don’t have ribs or burgers in mind. You and your guests are on the menu. Mosquitoes are attracted to your smell and the CO2 you expel when you breathe. The more you sweat and talk, the more mosquitoes zero in on you. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite because they need the nutrients from your blood to nourish their eggs, but there are plenty of female mosquitoes to go around.

How to Enjoy Your Backyard without Mosquitoes

You can’t stay indoors all summer. Get rid of the mosquitoes instead of canceling your fun. To prevent mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor gathering, add mosquito control when you start planning. To minimize mosquito populations:

  • Remove any standing water around your property. Clean out birdbaths, rain barrels, watering cans, and buckets. If there are puddles from watering plants or standing water from the rain, dry it up before your guests arrive. Mosquitoes need moisture when they lay their eggs because the eggs need water to survive or they will dry out. It is important to note that mosquito eggs can survive in the moist ground too.

  • When you are barbecuing outside, put your food in an enclosed area. Consider a canopy, net, or enclosed patio.

  • Wear bug spray with DEET or oil of eucalyptus.

  • Keep your feet covered.

  • Try to eat indoors if possible.

  • Keep it simple.

Yes, keep it simple when combating mosquitoes outdoors. Before you fire up the grill, make a call to American Pest for mosquito control. You could light citronella candles, plug in fans and zappers, and hide inside, or you can not worry about mosquitoes at all. The American Pest mosquito control program includes a comprehensive inspection of your backyard, mosquito and tick treatment, and treatment of breeding areas. We pledge a service guarantee as well, so you can enjoy more outdoor fun.


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