Spring Rains Lead To Heavy Mosquito Populations in Maryland


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Ticks won’t be the only biting pest capable of producing record numbers this summer, as recent spring rains give way to an emerging threat:  mosquitoes.  Learn how to protect your family from this disease-transmitting mainstay from the professional mosquito control team at American Pest.

When to anticipate heavy mosquito activity
All female mosquitoes need some amount of stagnant water in which to lay their eggs. As a result of recent rains, we can expect the eggs to hatch and mature into adult mosquitoes, capable of inflicting painful, itchy welts within 5-14 days.

Where to look for mosquito breeding sites
Look high and low. Water has the ability to collect in the hollowed out knots of trees, saucers beneath outdoor plants, bird baths, rain gauges, gutters, and downspouts. Reduce mosquito populations around your home by identifying and eliminating all standing sources of water. After it rains, take 5 minutes to walk your property, turning over toys and other areas that might soon become a suitable habitat for the female mosquito to lay her eggs.


How to protect your family during outdoor play
No amount of mosquito threat is about to keep you and your kids inside all summer. But with a few simple suggestions, you can prevent mosquitoes from taking a bite out of your summer adventures.

  • DEET:   Buy it, wear it, learn to love it. The Centers for Disease Control recommends DEET to prevent mosquito and tick bites on humans. When selecting a mosquito repellant spray for the skin, a good rule of thumb is to consider the amount of time that you intend to be outdoors. Most outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, spending time on the patio, or going for a bike ride will be sufficient with a minimum of 10% DEET. For outdoor excursions lasting for several hours, consider selecting a mosquito repellant in the range of 25%-50% active ingredient, which will provide mosquito protection over longer periods of time.

  • PETS:  Don’t forget them! Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease in domestic animals and your pets are a tasty target for a blood thirsty mosquito. You should always keep your dogs and cats protected with a veterinarian-approved heartworm prevention medication. These are typically administered orally, but can also be given as a topical solution. It is important to understand that heartworm prevention is year-round, as the medication is used to interrupt the life cycle of the heartworm and has little to do with the seasonality of mosquitoes once an animal is infected. The key to avoiding infection is keeping your pets on a routine medication.

Know when to call in the professionals
Executing a mosquito-free event, such as a graduation party or wedding reception can be a difficult task for any home or business owner. Area foliage treatments can be provided up to 1 week before an event and may offer considerable respite from mosquitoes. Consider treating two to three times before the event, within a six-week period of time, and especially after heavy rains. Contact American Pest to request more information.


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