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It can be stressful moving into a new home. There are things that have to be done. Hard things. If you're currently living in an apartment, that apartment is going to have to be cleaned. Television, internet, and other necessities are going to have to be shut off, and those things will have to be started up in your new home. Boxes are going to have to be packed, and delicate items wrapped. Furniture will probably have to be carried down stairs and squeezed through door frames. If you're like most people, you're going to be looking at a very hard day. That is why there are a ton of articles on the web about having a stress-free move. And one way to reduce stress is to know that you're moving into a home that is "ready" for you to move into.

If you're planning a move, you've probably already thought about making sure the electricity and water are working at your new home. You may have already made the calls to be sure that your new home is ready for internet or television. While you're taking the time to make sure your new home has everything it needs, make sure it doesn't have anything is doesn't need--like bugs, rodents, and termites.

When you're bringing boxes into your new master bedroom, it is disturbing to see a rodent running along the wall and disappearing into a hole you didn't even know was there. When you go in to put up the new shower curtain in your bathroom, or put toiletries in your new bathroom cabinets, it is never fun to find a spider hanging out in a corner by the ceiling, or taking a sip from a water droplet near the drain. When you're putting items into your new pantry, the last thing you want to see is a cockroach running up the wall. You don't need flies to greet you on the front porch, camel crickets to leap at you from basement walls, silverfish behind the washer, ants under the fridge, or a centipede scrambling across the carpet in the living room. Having a stress-free moving day starts with having a pest-free home.

If you live in our D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia service area, let the friendly pest specialists at American Pest help you make that move a little bit nicer. They'll take care of all of those pests "before" you even get to your new home. How nice is that?

Moving is hard. But, with American pest, it can be a little bit less hard. Reach out to us right here through our website, and we'll take care of the rest.


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