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The excitement of moving into college can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. However, don’t let this distract you from keeping an eye out for pests, because you might not be the only one living in your dorm room! No, I’m not talking about your roommate; bed bug prevention is a big concern on campuses.

How common are bedbugs?

One study showed that nearly half of pest control professionals have dealt with bed bug infestations in college dormitories at least once in their career. Dorm rooms have close to the same concept as hotels, which happen to also be a hot spot for these little bugs.There are tons of people in one space, coming in and out with high frequency. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for bed bugs to be unknowingly brought in to the building. Once they are inside they can easily move from place to place, so don't get too complacent if your initial check turns out clean; these bad boys can still find their way into your space, so how do you prevent that?

HOw to prevent bedbugs in dorms

  • Don't accept used furniture: this may seem obvious, but in college, it is easy to look for the cheapest options. Bringing in previously infested items is the easiest way for a bed bug problem to begin.

  • Try not to crowd your space: this can be tricky to accomplish in a tiny dorm room, but small crevices are where these bugs like to hide out when they're not feeding. 

  • Wash your things often: It is not that these bugs are attracted to dirty spaces, but that the washing and drying process itself can help eliminate them. Dry your belongings on high heat to assure that these little guys don't spread further across your dorm room.

College is a busy time as it is, and these prevention methods can be seen as quite the hassle. If bed bugs do happen to slip by you, you can identify and learn how to remove an infestation here or you can contact American Pest.


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