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A common misconception among homeowners nationwide is that once the cold weather sets in, pests are no longer a problem and pest control service can be discontinued until spring. Unfortunately, canceling service can increase infestations later in the year because homeowners are unaware that problems do continue throughout the winter months. For example, mice and other rodents tend to cozy up indoors and it is easier to find evidence of a rodent problem during the winter.

Just like humans, animals and insects prefer to move indoors during the winter in order to stay warm.  However, not all creatures and pests hibernate as you might expect. Many pests, such as termites, remain just as active during the winter as during the warmer months. This can cause problems to homeowners who believe that their homes are safe during the winter because it is too cold for pests to survive, when in reality these pests are already inside the home and are quite active! 

The winter months are a good time to schedule a complete exterior and interior home inspection. A professional inspector will review all areas of the home from top to bottom, looking for evidence of termites or other wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants.  Access to basements and attics is important because some pests, such as wasps, will “overwinter”, which means that colony queens can survive through the winter and start a new colony when the weather warms up . Do not worry if your basement or attic is disorganized, as this will not be a problem for the inspector as long as they have access to get inside the room. 

As part of the home inspection, the examiner will also check for pest entry points on the outside of the home, including around doors, windows, electrical lines, outlets, and pipes. Any places where pests are able to enter the house will be sealed, or a recommendation made for a contractor if necessary. The final aspect of the inspection is to place insect monitors in areas that may be a concern, so that they can be checked during the year to ensure that homes are pest –free.

As an added benefit, your service technician can, at your request, vacuum up any interior spider webs and dead insects that are found during the inspection. Our technicians carry special vacuums in a backpack that will enable quick and easy vacuuming of undesirable pests.

Winter is the best time to do a full inspection of the home, because the pests are already inside and the inspector will be able to assess exactly which pests are a problem in your home, and the best way to treat them and prevent entry in the future. Please call American Pest at 301-891-2600 (DC/MD) or 703-810-1020 (VA) to schedule your winter interior home inspection, which is FREE as part of your continuing bi-monthly service.


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