Pest Birds Are For The Birds


How does a bird become a pest bird? No, it doesn't suddenly snap because of the monotony and senselessness of its meager and pathetic life and decide that the only escape is to turn to a life of crime. Besides, birds can't hold up banks… they don't have thumbs. A pest bird becomes a problem just by doing what it does naturally. It eats seeds, sheds feathers, builds a nest, expels excrement, and just hangs out. Let's take a look at these and see if we can find some solutions.

It eats seeds. If you are trying to plant anything, birds can be a real pain. They eat all kinds of different seeds. So, if you want to protect garden areas or seeded ground, you'll need netting installed by a professional. A professional bird control expert will know what type of net to use for the specific application, how to install the net so that it stays in place, and when the netting needs to be removed (if at all).

It sheds feathers. Some birds carry and spread harmful bacteria because they rummage in dumpsters and trash piles. If birds lose their plumage on your property, that can be a problem. Those feathers can cause illness. Encourage birds to go somewhere else by having bird spikes or shock tracks installed on your ledges, rooflines, and other areas where birds perch.

It builds a nest. Birds' nests are unsightly on ledges and the roof of your business, but they are even more troublesome if they are built in rafters or open attic spaces. When you need to exclude birds from open air areas, netting is the most effective. And, if installed by a professional, netting is almost invisible from a distance.

It expels excrement. It isn't a very nice topic, but it is important to understand that bird droppings don't just taint your business and cause a slip hazard, they can also contain disease. The CDC directly connects birds to the spread of diseases like histoplasmosis. For this reason, you should always wear a mask and protective clothing when removing roosts, and you should make sure that your exclusions are placed strategically, to keep pest birds out of sensitive areas.

It just hangs out. When birds come to sit on wires they can weigh those wires down and cause issues. When birds come to perch on machinery, they can get caught in moving parts. Give those birds a poke with some spikes, a shock with some shock tracks, or make areas feel unwelcoming with posts and wire.

Those pest birds don't mean to be criminals. Encourage them to go somewhere else, with expert bird exclusion installations from American Pest. Our Maryland bird control specialists have the expertise to install appropriate, state-of-the-art, bird exclusions that will keep pests from harming your business--and harming themselves. Contact us today to learn more.


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