Pest Control Is The Answer To Rodents The Walls



What is this I hear a chewing

What's this bump and what's it doing?

This clawing sound behind my bed

Leaves me wanting to be dead

I wish these rodent pests could know

That to my work I have to go

When sun does shine and birds do chirp

And breakfast milk I have to slurp

I will not bear the shine of sun

In wake of dawn I'll be undone

For tired bones will make their pleas

And burning eyes will want to squeeze

Is not it bad enough to know

That in my cupboards they will go

To spread their germs and pestilence

To bug me now it makes no sense

When fury roth commands me wake

I'll have all that a man can take

If these rodents want to eat

They need to try to be discreet

All this scratching all this chewing

Will in fact be their undoing

They drive me in my grog to think

Of rodents in my bathroom sink

Of rodents on my kitchen floor

Of bacteria on their fur

Them sliding on my silverware

It is more than I can bear

I cannot stand the thought of fires

When these rodents chew my wires

Leaving droppings and their pee

On a rabid eating spree

It has to end it has to stop

My blood pressure has hit the top

To the web I have to go

To find someone who has to know

How to rid a home of mice

And ticks and fleas and even lice

The rodents and their parasites

To save me from these sleepless nights

A pest technician is the answer

To rid me of this rodent cancer

Then when stirrings come to cease

I can finally sleep in peace


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