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If you are dealing with termites or carpenter ants infesting your home, you are sure to see the damaging effects of their presence over time. At first, it may just be little piles of debris that carpenter ants push out of the holes they create in wood or some mud tubes on the outside of your foundation created by termites. But if enough time passes, and the infestation is allowed to grow large, you will eventually see sagging floors, buckled walls, and windows and doors that don't open or shut properly.

But what about a pest like silverfish? Are they dangerous or damaging?

This pest, which is sometimes called a fishmoth, urban silverfish, or carpet shark, is a tiny insect with a flattened, slender body that measures up to about an inch in length. It gets its name, silverfish, from the shimmery light gray and blue coloring that makes it look like a fish, and from the fact that it moves in a swim-like motion. While these insects may not be damaging, like termites and carpenter ants are, and they don't carry diseases like cockroaches and rodents do, they are still a serious threat to your belongings and a warning sign that your home may have ongoing wood rot.

Where do silverfish like to live?

These fish-like creatures thrive in moist environments, preferring places such as kitchen cupboards, basements, laundry rooms, attics, and underneath bathroom sinks. They also love darkness, so they will be active during the night and in dark places during the daylight hours.

What do these pests eat?

Silverfish love anything that contains starches or polysaccharides, so they'll target anything containing sugar. They will also eat hair, dandruff, photos, paper, glue--especially wallpaper paste--and book bindings. They consume the cellulose inside shaving creams, shampoos, and other personal care items. If you love your wallpaper, clothing, curtains, and other fabrics, you do not want this pest in your home, and, while silverfish are not known to spread disease like other household pests, they are still unsavory to find in your pantry items.

Is it possible to get rid of these creepy insects?

Silverfish are very adept at hiding in attics, cracks, and crevices, underneath floors, inside cupboards, and many other places in your home. And since they prefer darkness, they can elude detection for long periods while eating away at your wallpaper, book bindings, and other possessions. While it is possible to purchase insecticides to try to eradicate these pests, it is important to note that insecticides can be extremely harmful to humans and pets alike if not mixed and applied properly.

Whether you're dealing with pests like termites and carpenter ants that eat away at your home, or a pest like silverfish that eats away at your belongings, it is best to call a professional pest control company like American Pest. When pests try to get in, American Pest will keep them out.


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