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April showers bring May flowers…and ants, flies, spiders, fleas, cockroaches and other household pests! Even though spring and summer represent a fun time of the year, it is also the time of year that common household bugs are most prevalent.

But you don’t have to let these invading household pests ruin your summer! Some of these pests are not destructive or dangerous. They are simply nuisances that no one wants to deal with. However, there are a few simple ideas and tips that homeowners can implement to help prevent infestations of these pesky creatures.

One thought is to let your spring-cleaning projects extend outside the home into your yard. Keep your grass and shrubs trimmed regularly. Tall grass, piles of leaves and weeds can become a breeding ground for many insects. You will also want to remove all cut grass, pulled weeds, leaves and wooden debris from your property. Again, this discourages insects and common household pests from living on your property.

Inspect the outside of your home and foundation, looking for any sign of insect trails or paths leading into the house. Watch for any opening on the exterior of your home through which ants, termites and other pest can gain access. Seal any openings or cracks, preventing entrance into the home.

Watch for areas that are excessively damp or places of standing water. Many insects are attracted to moist areas, so it is best to make sure there is good drainage with the ground sloping away from your foundation and that there is no portion of wooden structure that is exposed to the damp ground. Do not store wood close to your house. Spiders, termites, ants, beetles and roaches love to hide and live inside woodpiles. It is best to keep your stack of firewood as far from your foundation as possible.

Keep garbage and household trash covered and emptied regularly. Thoroughly clean and organize the kitchen. This is an ideal location for pest infestations. Make sure all food items like cereal, sugar and flour are sealed in glass or plastic containers with lids.

Don’t forget the garage and basement. This is a good place for spider webs, mouse nests and other insects to live. Destroy all cobwebs and areas convenient for building nests. Remove any sources of water or moisture by cleaning up and repairing any water leaks.

Even though you exercise all caution and implement these safeguards, you may still need to call for a home pest control service. American Pest has more than 85 years of experience as a pest control company. Our residential pest management programs are your ideal choice for home pest control. Contact us today for the most complete home pest control services available to ensure your home remains pest free this spring and summer season


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