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Which camp are you in? Are you in the, "bugs are no big deal" camp? Most of us are. I mean, what is the big deal if you have a few bugs crawling around? Right? We're Americans! We're strong and independant. We don't let a few bugs and rodents ruffle our feathers. Okay. How about the, "I spent a bunch of money with a pest company and I still have bugs" camp? This is a very real possibility. There are a ton of pest companies in the United States with many different levels of professionalism and work ethics. Maybe you got burned. I get it. Finally there's the, "I'm going to get my house protected some day, I just can't afford it right now" camp.

If you give me a couple of minutes and read on, you may never look at pest control the same way again.

"Bugs are no big deal."

Many people live with bugs, rodents, and wildlife. After all, what's the big deal? Mice are cute and furry. Lady bugs are good for the garden. And it's fun to watch a highway of ants all working together on a common goal. We flick the stink bug off the computer keyboard, squish the spider in the corner of the bathroom, swat a couple flies and continue on with our day. No big deal.

Here is what you may not know. Each year $5 billion is paid out in property repair due to termites. Carpenter ants burrow galleries through homes. Rats and mice chew wires and eat away at wood and sheetrock. Wasps, spiders, and other insects plague your family with bites and stings. Roaches, rodents, bats, and birds bring diseases and parasites into homes and contaminate food sources. Mysterious illnesses, like vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea plague families. They don't realize that the bacteria causing these illnesses were brought in from outside of their home by pests. Families spend thousands on medical bills for salmonella, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, aeruginosa, and E. Coli, or battle with allergies and asthma, unaware that these maladies are spread and caused by pests in their home. Living with bugs, rodents, and wildlife is never a good idea.

"I spent a bunch of money with a pest company and I still have bugs."

Just like with any business, it is possible to find a company that doesn't do a good job. That's why American Pest offers a pest-free pledge.

"I'm going to get my house protected some day; I just can't afford it right now."

With all of the dangers outlined above, like termite damage, ant damage, stings, bites, food contamination, disease, asthma, and other bacteria-related illnesses, you shouldn't wait another day to get protected. Bug protection will save you from house repairs, medical bills, lost work time, and general home furnishing replacement. Not to mention you won't have to live with all the bugs crawling around.

Get year-round protection from over thirty common pests with Preferred Care. If you need mosquito control, tick reduction, or termite monitoring, Preferred Care Plus is for you. But for a fraction more, you can get complete termite control and elimination by getting Preferred Care Complete Termite. Your family and your home are too valuable to leave unprotected. Learn more about Preferred Care and call for a free inspection.


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