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rodent awareness week

Welcome to Rodent Awareness Week, which is October 22-28th and is used to help spread awareness about the threats posed by rodents. We want to take this as an opportunity to inform you of the many threats associated with these pests and what you can do to avoid them. Find the answers to many frequently asked questions about rodents below.

When Is Rodent Season?

Rodents are active year-round, unlike many pests. However, there is usually an uptick in rodent infestations as temperatures cool every fall and winter. This is because these frightening pests are looking for shelter from the cold temperatures where they can also get quick access to food and water. The best way to avoid rodents year-round is with a year-round pest control plan that will regularly check for entry points along with a variety of other prevention methods. 

Why Do I Have Rodents?

If rodents have made it inside of your property, they have found an entry point and have likely discovered food or water along with the shelter you’ve provided them. And they breed quickly meaning just one rodent can quickly turn into an infestation. These pests hide in a variety of areas including behind walls, in crawl spaces, attics, dark corners of cabinets, and even behind large appliances like an oven or fridge.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Rodents can not only damage belongings, they can also carry a variety of serious diseases. These diseases put you and your family at serious risk. Along with that, rodents can track other pests like fleas and ticks into your home opening you up to a variety of other disease and risk factors. Needless to say, rodents are dangerous to your home and your loved ones and should be handled by professionals.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents?

Because rodents are nocturnal, eliminating them from a property often proves difficult. Many homeowners attempt bringing a cat home, however, many are surprised to learn that cats are sometimes afraid of the quick moving pests and want nothing to do with them. Then they turn to trapping, however, without extensive knowledge of how to track them, their habits, and more, it can easily become more difficult than you originally thought. That’s when they realize, it is much easier to call American Pest whose staff has been extensively trained to know the best tactics to eliminate rodents. If you are tired of an ongoing battle against rodents, contact us today and let us take the stress off of you!


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