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Are you old enough to remember when magicians used to say, "Presto!" This curious word is actually short for prestidigitation, a discipline of misdirection and sleight of hand, that dates back to ancient times. How fitting that the meaning of the words should be hidden in plain sight to throw you off. What do I mean? Don't you see it? The truth the magician doesn't want you to know; the exact location the trick will be performed--you think the magic happens at the end, but it usually happens at the beginning. While you're looking at the box or the waving wand, you're missing it. It is happening in the fingers. The digits. Presto-digit-ation. One ball becomes two.

What does all of this talk of magicians and fingers have to do with your rodent troubles? Nature is one of the greatest magicians of all. While you were looking at all the snow, you were missing the trick. Presto! You have rodents in your home.

But now that the trick is over, and spring has passed, you still have rodents. Let's explore why that may be.

When homeowners find mice or rats in their home, their first instinct is to take matters into their own hands, and they perform a little bit of magic. They lay a spring-loaded trap under the kitchen counter and, PRESTO! The cheese becomes a dead rodent. That's a pretty cool trick, the first time you do it. But it gets old, quickly.

Do you remember when David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear? Do you even remember who David Copperfield is? It's okay. You don't need to in order to understand the example.

David Copperfield told his audience that when the curtain fell, the statue of liberty would be gone, and he proved it in two ways. The first was that it was no longer visible in front of them. The second piece of evidence was a video feed coming from a helicopter flying around the statue. In both cases, it appeared as if the Statue of Liberty had vanished from its foundation. Obviously it was an illusion. The statue was still there. So are the rodents in your home.

You can lay traps down every night and dispose of dead rodents every morning, but those rodents aren't going to vanish from inside your walls. Even if you're able to lure out and kill all the rodents currently living in your home, the entry point they made to get in is still there.

If you have rodents in your Maryland home, have a professional do some Pest-o-digitation. It's no illusion. American Pest can rid your home of rodents, and show you how to make it resistant to another infestation. That is worth the price of admission.


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