Rodents In My Walls


Mice    Rats    Rodents   

These mice these rats their pitter pats

Oh what they're doing their eating chewing

Jumping bumping in my walls

Up and down throughout the halls

Their rodent bites throughout the nights

Their deeds are dire they chew on wire

What are they doing in my house

This nasty rat this dirty mouse

These rodents chew oh yes they do

They bite bite bite which isn't right

They shouldn't be inside my home

That's what inspired this angst-filled poem

I set down traps for nighttime snaps

As mice come sniffing ever whiffing

I lure them in with tasty cheese

And my traps give them the squeeze

Then every day to my dismay

Once blood is spilled and traps are filled

I take the corpse-filled traps outside

In trash cans go the things that died

Can I be freed this gruesome deed?

Or is this not my fateful lot

Day in day out forever more

Going about this dreadful chore.

It is not so for I say no!

And to pest management I go

For they will seal my walls for good

So rodents cannot chew my wood

Or fill my home with their disease

In every which and where they please

They cannot nibble insulation

Without remorse or hesitation

Roaming in and through my drawers

Plaguing me on all my floors

From top to bottom back to top

All this rodent junk will stop

For with my walls sealed ever tight

I will now sleep throughout the night

With sealed up window, sealed up door

I'll have my peace forevermore


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