Seeing Lots Of Stink Bugs This Fall?

stink bug up close

Fall is nearing its end! Autumn brings bright colors, pumpkin patches, a chill in the air, and unfortunately, stink bugs. It’s around this time of the year that we tend to see a lot of stink bugs showing up in our homes. Stink bugs are brown, less than one inch long, and can be recognized by the triangular shaped plate on their backs. They are appropriately named, “stink” bug because they have tiny glands that are capable of emitting a smelly odor. While stink bugs do not cause any major damage to the home, they are considered to be a nuisance because and when squashed or vacuumed in large quantities, their smell can be strong and offensive.

Why are Stink bugs Active in Fall?

Stink bugs enter our homes and businesses in the fall in search of plants and fruits to eat, as well as seeking shelter for the winter. They get in by going through cracks and crevices in baseboards, through window and door trim, chimneys, and around exhaust fans or lights in the ceilings. In order to prevent stink bugs from finding their way in, it's important that you properly seal cracks and openings with caulk, which is a waterproof filler. Besides this primary prevention tip, most do-it-yourself ways of eliminating or controlling stink bugs are not effective. If you have tried this prevention tip and are still having problems with stink bugs, contact American Pest and they will help rid your home of stink bugs.

Eliminating Stink Bugs

A key component to eliminating stink bugs is finding exactly where they are coming from—both inside and outside the home. American Pest’s experienced professionals are trained to do this. Technicians are highly trained and certified and will only provide EPA approved services that will not be harmful to you, your pets, and the environment. When it comes to the preventing or the termination of stink bugs, American Pest recommends their year-round pest control program. Exterior treatments will be done 3 times a year and will be done in the spring and fall when stink bugs are at their peak. This includes free service calls throughout the year if pest issues should arise. American Pest promises quick and effective action against stink bugs and can eliminate one negative thing that fall brings, so you can focus on the positive!

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