Signs Of Fall In Northern Virginia


Stink Bugs   

We live in an age of immediate information. You don't have to wonder what time it is, what day it is, or what season it is; but when fall comes, you don't need your smart phone, television, or computer to let you know the season has come. There are some obvious changes that happen to let you know. Here are a few you might recognize.

You know it is fall in Northern Virginia when:

  • The once rich-colored green leaves of summer begin to turn orange, yellow, and red. It is subtle at first. In fact, you may not even notice the beginning of this process, which sometimes starts in late summer. Your first clue will be a leaf or two lying on the ground; but, eventually, it will be hard not to notice as everything seems to take on a fiery color, especially at sunset when the rays of the sun bathe everything in a golden glow.

  • Temperatures begin to dip down. This is often less subtle. One day you're walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, the next, you're wearing pants and a sweater. This doesn't happen just at the onset of fall. It can happen several times throughout fall. Fortunately, we Virginians have grown accustomed to harsh temperature changes, thanks to overzealous businesses keeping inside temperatures at near zero when the temperature outside is a baking 95.

  • You start seeing stink bugs everywhere. That's right. These bugs, that aren't even a natural inhabitant of our state, herald the fall by crawling on our screens, crawling through our curtains, and fluttering around our lights. These Houdinis of the insect world can be found in the most unlikely places; but, before you start thinking they use magic, understand that these bugs crawl under the bark of trees. They are made to squeeze into hiding places and they are small enough to find entry points into your home you've missed.

  • Wasps start hanging out around your eaves. This is the perfect time, too. Just when it is no longer insufferably hot outside and it is actually nice being on your balcony, fall is when those wasps show up. Why is this? When wasps sense the coming of cold temperatures they produce reproductive male and female wasps. These kings and queens journey out with a singular purpose. The kings are made to mate with the queens and the queens are made to find a place to hide from the coming winter--also known as overwintering.

Are you seeing the evidence of fall? Are bugs and wildlife beginning to see your home as a better place to be than outside in the cold? Fall is the time to shore up your defenses. If you need help, give us a call. At American Pest, we've been protecting homes and businesses since 1925. Let us help you protect your home from fall pests.


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