Signs Of Termites This Spring



In Northern Virginia subterranean termites can be costly to deal with. As temperatures warm back up, and the mild snow melts away, leaving the ground around your home moist and appealing to termites, you should keep an eye out for signs that these wood eating insects have chosen your home.

  • Swarmers. When a termite nest matures, a colony will begin to produce king and queen reproductives that leave the nest to mate and spread to another colony. These swarmers do not travel far, and they do not last long. If you see swarming insects in your yard there is a good chance they did not travel far to get there. They could have even come from within your own walls.

  • Wings. If you miss the swarm, be on the look out for the wings they shed during their mating process. You will find these transparent, silvery wings on window sills, walkways, driveways, and back porches.

  • Wood damage. If you have a colony on your property, you may find wood damage in your backyard. Fences may be chewed, decks may be marred, and patios may appear whittled.

  • Mud tubes. If you find swarmers, and the colony is on your property, you will also find mud tubes on your basement walls. Swarmers do not make mud tubes, and they do not eat wood, but the workers in their colony do. Mud tubes will be your confirmation that the swarmers came from your house. When you inspect for mud tubes, be sure to check in hard to get to areas of your basement walls. If they have been silently eating your home, they will have found a secluded place to climb up in without detection.

  • If you have mulch around your perimeter, peel it up and look under. A mat of winged insects underneath mulch, is also a pretty good sign of termite infestation.

Whether you have seen swarmers or not, spring is a good time to get a termite inspection. The humidity and warmth in Northern Virginia is perfect for subterranean termites. No Virginian home should ever go without protection. Contact a pest control company that uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. This eco-friendly termite system kills termite colonies before those workers can eat away at the support beams in your home. Don't trust your equity to anything less.


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