Silverfish Prevention Tips for Fulton Residents


silverfish prevention in maryland home

Silverfish, also known as "water bugs" and "bathroom bugs" are those silvery scaly looking insects that are about 1/2” long, have long antennae, and 3 long thin tails. They like to hide in basements and under sinks where it is cool, dark, and damp. Silverfish feed on proteins and carbohydrates, like flour, dry meat, and other foods that are stored. Silverfish damage is common with paper products, linen, cotton, rayon, and silk. As they feed on these fabrics, they leave behind scales, feces, stains, and irregular holes where they have fed.

Silverfish Prevention And Control

These fast slithering pests usually enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Silverfish like sugar, hair, dry skin, photographs, glue, paper, and book bindings. They get into your home through cracks and crevices in your home's foundation and exterior walls. They can also enter through utility line entrances, damaged screens, or vents, as well as other places that provide just enough room for them to sneak through. Your home provides all that they need. Silverfish will invade kitchen cupboards, bathroom sinks, and laundry rooms. They are usually active during the night but can be found scurrying about during the day, as long as they can find dark places to do so. In addition, they can be active all year long because they are not a hibernating pest. Getting rid of these nocturnal pests is nearly impossible alone, as they will hide in various places and they move pretty quickly.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

The only way to prevent silverfish from entering your home is to seal off any entry points, like cracks and holes in your exterior walls and foundation. Once you’ve sealed those entry points be sure to repair any damaged window or door screens as well. Don’t waste time and money on ineffective do-it-yourself methods that won’t get rid of the entire silverfish infestation.

If you live in the Fulton, Maryland area, American Pest is your #1 choice for pest control. We have highly trained professional technicians that can create a custom designed solution after they complete a thorough inspection. They will eradicate the silverfish on your property quickly and efficiently so you can say "good riddance" to your silverfish problems. We understand your frustration when it comes to finding pests in your home, that is why we make every effort to assist you within a day or two of your initial call. If you are ready to eliminate silverfish on your property, call the pest experts at American Pest!


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