Silverfish; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly



Sometimes silver fish are good.

You walk into the home of a friend and see a large aquarium in the corner. Soft light filters through the water onto the colorful stones and castles and various plants. Then there is a flash of silver. Lots of flashes. See, your friend is an avid aquarist and he has discovered the beauty of the Silver Dollar fish. He has several of these oval fish swimming together in a "school," and they are quite pretty.

Sometimes silverfish are bad.

You walk into the bathroom in your friend's house and see a large jetted tub in the corner. Soft light filters in through the stained glass windows and plays upon the beautiful bathroom fixtures. But then you see a silverfish, two silverfish, three! They are coming out from underneath the tub. Startled, you quickly turn on your heel and get out of there as fast as you can. Did your friend's beautiful aquarium fish somehow escape to the bathroom? No, these are a different kind of silverfish altogether.

Facts about silverfish:

  • These silverfish are not actually fish at all. They are a wingless insect that is silver in color and about ¾ of an inch long. They are thick at the front and have tapering bodies that are shaped like a teardrop.

  • Silverfish are capable of scaling walls and ceilings, so it is possible for them to drop on you.

  • These creatures prefer to live in dark, damp places and can live for a long time, sometimes up to 8 years.

  • Silverfish prefer foods that are high in starches, proteins, and sugars and, if inside a home, can often be found feeding on fabrics, paper, wallpaper, vegetables, pasta, sugar, toothpaste, cardboard, or even dead insects.

  • Silverfish can live for several months without eating anything.

  • A female silverfish can produce up to 20 eggs in one day, which she will deposit into protected areas like cracks and crevices.

  • Silverfish can be extremely hard to kill. They have a high tolerance to insect control products.

  • These insects are mostly active at night, so they can sometimes go for long periods, multiplying, without being detected.

  • If left untreated, they can multiply, increasing the chances that they will contaminate food and damage items in your home.

Is it possible to prevent silverfish from invading?

  • Keeping your house free of food particles may help in keeping silverfish at bay.

  • Drying out your house by using fans and dehumidifier will also deter silverfish from staying since they thrive in moist environments.Repairing any leaky pipes, sinks, toilets or tubs will also remove sources of moisture that attract silverfish.

  • Employing a professional pest control company will definitely keep silverfish out.

The professionals here at American Pest enjoy a beautiful aquarium filled with lovely silver colored fish just as much as anyone. But, if you have the kind of silverfish that are ugly and make people run out of your bathroom in disgust, we can help! With the latest up-to-date knowledge and equipment, and the 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award, you can rest assured that American Pest can take care of silverfish, or any other household pest you may be dealing with in.

Silver fish are great in an aquarium, but when you need to get rid of the insect known as the silverfish, it is time to call American Pest.


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