Sometimes Bad Things Come In Small Packages


Clover Mites   

Sure, the saying is supposed to be, "Good things come in small packages," but the reality is, sometimes this is not the case. Take clover mites for example. A clover mite could fit inside a very small package. Very small indeed! And sure, this wouldn't be so bad inside your home if one mite remained one mite; however, if that one mite is a female, it can easily turn into a whole mess of mites in a relatively short period of time. You see, female clover mites reproduce by parthenogenesis, which means they are able to reproduce without being fertilized by males. They lay up to 70 eggs at a time, and these eggs become mature adults in 30 days or less. At this rate, that one little female clover mite could turn into a big package of clover mites, and a big package of clover mites is a big problem.

Why are Clover Mites a Problem?

Although these tiny little oval-shaped, red bugs are no danger to humans and don't destroy clothing, furniture, or other items, they can become a major headache if their populations are allowed to grow. Clover mites, when crushed, cause damage in that they leave noticeable red stains. This is not the mite's blood, but its body pigmentation. If you have clover mites, you will most likely notice not only red staining but also these tiny red insects crawling on surfaces such as windowsills and the sunny side of your home.

Some things that Don't work to get rid of clover mites:

If you were to scour the internet for ways to eliminate clover mites from your home, you might come across some of these ideas which simply do not work.

  • Vacuum up mites; then put the vacuum bag in the freezer to kill them. This does not work.

  • Spread Diatomaceous earth on your carpet and leave it there. Nope. This doesn't work either.

  • Throw away your bed. Sorry. Then you'll just be bed-less with mites.

Some other misinformation about mites in general that can be found on the internet include: All mites can't be seen with the naked eye; only unhealthy people get mites; Mite victims are crazy; and, this is a good one, mites are only attracted to women.

The real solution to a mite problem:

There are some things a homeowner can do to try to eradicate a clover mite infestation like: sealing up the outside of your home, not over fertilizing your lawn, and removing grass and weeds from around your foundation, but if you want to know for sure your problem is taken care of, it is time to contact a pest control company. Here at American Pest we will prepare an integrated pest management plan for clover mite control using expert knowledge and efficient chemical control measures.

Don't let your small package become a big package because sometimes too many small things can become one big headache. Give American Pest a call today. We can help.


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