Spring Bug Cleaning



When spring comes, we all get that itch to get our homes in order. We pile old furniture, appliances, and trash, on the side of the road, along with bush clippings, grass, sticks, and other assorted yard debris. There is something satisfying about having everything back in its place. But there is another kind of spring cleaning, one that preps a home before spring even arrive. This is spring bug cleaning season. When all of those bugs start getting active again, you want them to find your house unbreachable and uninhabitable.

What do bugs want?

Bugs don't worry about cable television, internet, carpooling, or planning activities with friends and family. They live to eat, drink, breed, and find shelter. Your goal should be to keep them from finding any of those on your property.

  • When they come buzzing up to your eaves, don't give them a way in.

  • When they come crawling up to your windows, make sure there are working screens to keep them out.

  • If they start exploring the bottoms of your doors, be sure that your door sweeps are in place, and functional.

  • Don't give them moist wood to chew on. Make sure all your gutters are in good working order, and that water is channeled away from your home.

  • Don't leave water out for them to drink. If you have low places that collect rainwater, or melting snow, fill those areas in.

  • Hide or protect all food sources. Make sure trash cans are sealed, and put them in a place where they can't be tipped over by wildlife. If you feed animals on your property, put food out only during mealtime.

  • If they come crawling on your walls, make sure they don't find rotted holes. Use a caulking gun to fill holes in, until you can repair them.

  • When they try to fly down your chimney , make sure there is window grade screening to stop them.

  • If you have anything that passes through your exterior walls, look to see that there are no gaps or cracks to allow bugs in.

  • If you don't have year round pest control, some bugs will still get through your defenses. Don't let them find food sources inside your home. Keep floors, counters, rugs, and shelves, clean. Put dirty dishes in soapy water. Don't leave food out on your counters. Clean up bread crumbs around the toaster. Don't leave food on plates around the house. Don't leave juice cups laying around the house. And consider putting your pantry food in hard plastic, sealable containers.

When bugs and other pests become active in spring, don't let them find your home inviting. Don't give them something to eat. Don't offer them a drink. And give them as few cracks to squeeze through as possible. If you do your spring bug cleaning before you do you spring cleaning, your home will a lot nicer place to live throughout the rest of the year. Your home is your castle. Keep your defenses up, and guard against spring pests 'before' they become a problem.


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