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Sometimes you come across a pest that is not really a problem itself but instead may be an indication of a problem. Springtails are one of these creatures and their presence is little more than a nuisance to us and bit of a bother to any plant life we have around. But it's important to understand that the reason you are seeing springtails could be connected to a problem that is worth taking seriously. Springtails themselves are tiny grayish anthropods less than 6 mm in length. They get their name from the abdominal appendages they use to jump forward, much like a flea. You'll usually find springtails around window screens and casings, in plant pots, and in corners of your bathroom or basement. This is because the potential problem that springtails point to is moisture.

What Moisture Problems Mean For Your Home

Rather than causing trouble in your home (beyond some microscopic nibbling on plant roots), springtails are a sign that you may have water buildup in parts of your house. It is common for springtail infestations to be associated with moisture problems as simple as pipes with condensation, or as complicated as leaks in piping that's causing mold and mildew to grow. Many pests thrive in damp areas, and beyond this high levels of moisture can be damaging to your house itself, decaying wood quickly and encouraging mold and mildew. It is certain, however, regardless of what other problems come into play, that your home should not be a place for pests to settle in. 

How to get rid of springtails

Luckily, preventing springtails mainly involves reducing moist places for them to live and feed, which will also reduce the chance of water damage to your property. Leaks in the building should be sealed, and foundations checked thoroughly for even tiny cracks. As moist plant life like algae is their primary food source, piles of leaves and poorly drained gardens are a prime habitat for springtail growth and should be removed from the vicinity of the house. Also, ensuring that potted plants aren't over-watered is key. It is possible to vacuum up clusters of springtails, and some chemical applications can be effective, but getting rid of the little guys requires dedicated maintenance of any possible habitats, as they spread quickly.

How American Pest Can Help

American Pest can offer you a level of expertise and maintenance that will give springtails and other pests very little chance of getting comfortable on your property. Our Preferred Care plans are designed to transform your house into a safe zone where pests are not a problem, and our commitment to regular and continued care will keep it that way. We can help you identify potential sources of risk, such as unexpected or hard-to-find areas of moisture where springtails are thriving. We also have knowledge in applying treatments for maximum effect, with an eye toward 100% eradication of pests on your property. Give American Pest a call, and let us appraise your situation and offer solutions based on years of experience dealing with pests of all kinds. We'd love to help you maintain a pest-free home!


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